• Four times more efficient than traditional liquid cooling module structures
  • Uses the bonding strength of curamik
  • Weighs less than other liquid cooling options
  • Available in smaller sizes


curamik® CoolEasy

  • High precise machined copper cooler
  • Capable of being diamond-milled for laser diode specifications
  • Used with high power laser diodes in the 20-80W range

curamik® CoolPerformance /
curamik® CoolPerformance Plus

  • High performance copper coolers for laser diode applications
  • Cool laser diode bars up to 5 mm cavity length
  • Can be used with high power laser diodes in the 20-100W range
  • curamik CoolPerformance Plus reduces the CTE value to 5-6.5 ppm/K

curamik® CoolPower /
curamik® CoolPower Plus

  • Copper liquid coolers for high power applications
  • Layers hermetically combined without any additional soldering or adhesive
  • curamik CoolPower Plus coolers are integrated Direct Bond Copper (DBC) with ceramic substrates, enabling direct component assembly and electrical isolation from the cooling circuit


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