Portable devices continue to get smaller, more powerful and more versatile. With every design change, it becomes tougher to fit molded enclosures and hardware to protect sensitive electronics, such as displays and batteries. For decades, Rogers’ engineers have helped meet this challenge with specialty materials that solve demanding design, application and fabrication requirements to protect portable electronics and their components.

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ARLON® Silicones

Rogers Arlon® Silicone Technologies are the industry leaders in silicone elastomers.

BISCO® Silicones

The BISCO® product line is the world leader in silicone foams used for gasketing and sealing applications.

Diversified Silicone Products®

Diversified Silicone Products (DSP) provides quality stock silicone products direct to customers.

DUREL® EL Driver ICs

Rogers Corporation leads the industry with DUREL electroluminescent (EL) integrated circuit drivers (ICs). 

HeatSORB™ Material

HeatSORB™ phase change material addresses thermal management issues by capturing heat and delaying temperature ramps, allowing devices to remain cool.

PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes

Rogers line of PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes provide durable, long-term performance in industrial applications.

October 23, 2019 - October 24, 2019


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