At Rogers, our corporate culture is key to our continued success. We’re known for quality, reliability and innovation, so we empower our employees to make decisions and drive results. And we’re dedicated to creating a safe workplace environment where employees are accountable to themselves and each other. The following cultural behaviors guide our operations and connect our day-to-day work with our organizational objectives.

Live Safely

Live Safely

I actively prevent injuries for everyone, everywhere, every day。

Trust Icon


四季彩票登陆I respect people and trust them to do the right thing.

Just Decide Icon

Just Decide

I make informed decisions rapidly to drive progress.

Speak Openly Icon

Speak Openly

I courageously seek and speak the truth.

Simply Improve Icon

Simply Improve

I continuously simplify how I do things to achieve excellence.

Innovate Icon


I create market-driven solutions that lead to customer success.

Deliver Results Icon

Deliver Results

I align and achieve my goals to deliver our “must do” results。

Safety PPE

Cleaning Evergem

Rogers IC Opening

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