• ROG Mobile

    Access Rogers' calculators, literature, technical papers and request samples on your smart phone or tablet through the ROG mobile app.

  • Access technical papers, white papers, calculators, tools and more for circuit laminates, prepreg and bonding materials.

  • Bonding Material Properties Tool

    四季彩票登陆Identify best matched Rogers' bonding material by sorting according to design attributes。

  • Laminate Properties Tool

    Sort and compare all Rogers' high frequency laminates according to product properties.

  • Predict impedance of circuits made with Rogers’ high frequency materials to aid in microwave circuit design。

  • Assist in design of ring resonators or the extraction of dielectric constant from measured data。

    • Convert thickness among various units and copper weight conversions
    • Estimate Thermal Coefficient of Dielectric Constant (TCDk) and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
    • Calculate resonance, Composite Dk and Df, composite metal conductivity and conversions of various return loss

  • Calculate the dielectric constant (Dk) of a circuit material when tested as microstrip transmission line circuits.


Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Find local representatives for personalized support。

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