TC series materials are an excellent choice for applications sensitive to dielectric constant (Dk) changes with temperature, including power amplifiers, filters, couplers and more.


  • Reduced junction temperature and improved reliability
  • Improved bandwidth utilization and efficiency for amplifiers and antennas
  • Reliable for attachment to active components and for plated vias
  • Allows for PCB fabricator processing flexibility for optimized panel size


TC350™ Laminates

  • Dk of 3.50
  • High thermal conductivity of 0.72 W/m-K
  • Low TCDk of -9 ppm/°C

TC350™ Plus Laminates

  • Dk of 3.50
  • High Z-Axis thermal conductivity of 1.24W/m-K
  • Low TCDk of -42 ppm/°C

TC600™ Laminates

  • Dk of 6.15
  • High thermal conductivity of 1.1W/m-K
  • Stable TCDk of -75 ppm/°C


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