• Improved dimensional stability for tight registration requirements
  • Phase stability in applications operating over wide temperature ranges
  • Low CTE values ideal for high reliability plated through holes for Avionics, Radars, EW, SIGINT, CNI (Communications, Navigation, Identification) and Phase Sensitive Filters


CLTE-AT™ Laminates

  • Microdispersed ceramic in a PTFE-based, woven glass reinforced composite with consistent Dk

CLTE™ Laminates

  • Laminates providing low thermal expansion and dielectric constant stability

CLTE-MW™ Laminates

  • Ceramic filled PTFE-based woven glass reinforced composite materials

CLTE-XT™ Laminates

  • Composites of micro-dispersed ceramic filler, PTFE and woven fiberglass reinforcement



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