• Thermal conductivity
    • 1.6 W/m-K in the Z-axis, 10x that of FR-4
    • 2.3 W/m-K in plane
  • Decomposition temperature up to 350°C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion in-plane as low as 20 ppm/°C
  • Certified to the flammability requirements of UL-94 V0
  • Best-in-class thermal performance
    • T260 > 60 minutes
    • T288 > 30 Minutes
    • T300 > 10 Minutes
  • Available in the 92ML™ StaCool™ Laminates option – a combination with an aluminum plate to form an insulated metal substrate (IMS)


  • Reduces surface temperature, eliminates hot-spots and improves heat sink performance
  • Enhances heat transfer by thermal vias
  • Provides excellent plated through hole reliability, lead-free solder assembly
  • Predictable Registration due to good dimensional stability
  • Useful in high power handling applications
  • Environmentally friendly composition
  • Thermally stable laminate material



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